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SUPERCHARGE Your Child’s Birthday Party with Fun, Laughter and Happy Memories!!!

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KIDS LOVE MAGIC! Imagine the look on everyone's face when birdcages vanish into thin air, scarves disappear and reappear, and balls AND people float in the air! When you choose to have Alan Kazam perform at your child's birthday party, you're guaranteed a party with magical memories that will last a lifetime!

Alan offers 3 different Birthday Party Packages, each with incredible entertainment value. Please read below to decide which package sounds best for you.

Standard Package:

  • A Customized, 45 minute Comedy, Audience Participation Magic Show. Alan's show is filled with music, magic and illusions. It keeps everyone laughing and involves the entire audience, to ensure they all have a good time!
  • Funny Puppetry. A Hilarious routine with Alan's friend "Rocky the Raccoon". He's a "Coon with a Tood!", and does all his own stunts! You'd swear he was real, and oh how the kids love him!
  • A Free Magic Trick for the Birthday Child and Free Souvenirs for the Kids! Let's face it, when you go to a show that you enjoy, you want to take home a keepsake. Your child, and all his/her friends will LOVE IT when they get a gift handed to them from Alan Kazam! Best of all, they will all have a souvenir to remember your child's birthday party...and have YOU to thank for it!

Deluxe Package: My Deluxe Package includes everything my Standard Package includes PLUS

  • Alan makes the Birthday Child…DISAPPEAR!!! A very cool, customized effect. It's actually done by way of a picture, supplied by a parent ahead of time. A hilarious routine that the kids will love, it's easily one of the most memorable tricks of the day!
  • A Customized Alan Kazam Magic Set for the Birthday Child. When Alan first became interested in magic, his dad bought him some really cool tricks. Well, Alan has put together his very own Magic Set that contains the same kinds of tricks he learned when he was young! Your child will be thrilled when they are able to learn and perform these tricks for you!
  • Easy-to-do, fun-to-learn Magic Tricks for all attending children. Instead of a balloon animal (which often break before kids leave the party!), Alan Kazam makes sure every kid goes home with a cool magic trick that is FUN and that LASTS!

Alan Kazam can float the birthday child 3 ft in the air, even in your own living room!
Premium Package: My Premium Package includes everything my Deluxe Package includes PLUS

  • Alan Kazam FLOATS the Birthday Child 3 Ft. in the air! Imagine the look on everyone's face when YOUR CHILD floats in the air, even with a hoop passed around! This is a full scale illusion, the likes of what you'd expect to see from David Copperfield or Criss Angel. Absolutely breathtaking to say the least, and a wonderful Kodak Moment.

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